The Locations

Follow your Wanderlust

and discover the real locations that inspired the books!

sophies beach

The Beach

"They disappeared down the pier back onto the beach, hand-in-hand. A sea of colorful umbrellas hid them from the oppressing yellow orb in the sky. "

running trail

Sophie's Running Trail

"Lush with foliage and big oak trees that blocked the sunlight, only streaks of light filtered through onto the path. Beautiful, peaceful, and quiet. It was perfect."

under the pier

Under the Pier

"We stepped onto the wet sand, the water slowly hitting the pillars under the pier. The door rattled shut behind us, completely blending into its surroundings. The doorway that didn't exist, unless you knew where to find it."

english garden

Sophie's Garden

"That picture was right after we moved, it was us in our favorite garden spot overlooking the ocean."

prom dance

The Dance

"The harbor was pretty. The lights glittered off the water like a thousand fireflies. The gold spots danced and flitted about like an impressionist painting."

ocean cliff view

The cliffs

"The waves crashed below against the rocks, while the moonlight danced and sparkled off the dimples in the ocean. I could almost feel the salt spray of the waves below."